[Lesson 101!] Gaon VS Hanteo – What are the differences?

Since we have gotten many requests and queries on the differences between Hanteo and Gaon, today, we are going to keep them short and concise for you to understand!

Gaon Album Music Chart VS Hanteo Information System!

Firstly, both systems are equally important as they record and reflect the performance of each Korean artist’s album release strictly in South Korea.

To keep it easy, just remember that Hanteo measures the real-time sales of albums aka the number of album copies sold in the past hour/week/month while Gaon measures the total shipments of the album copies distributed from the record labels and the distributors.

Below is a table for easy reference:



Frequently Asked Questions

In that case, which system is more important for fans to keep track of?

We should keep a good track of both as higher numbers in Hanteo means higher numbers in Gaon and vice versa. Companies are willing to produce more albums and ‘ship them’ [Gaon] to the album stores if the real time sales from Hanteo are reflecting very well.


Why is there, at times, a huge difference in the album sales between Gaon and Hanteo?

When we see a huge difference between an artist’s Hanteo and Gaon numbers, it usually means that the company might be producing a lot of albums to keep up with any future demands – but not considering how much it is really selling. And that’s why, sometimes, we can see the Gaon numbers being adjusted down because the albums are ‘returned’ back to the companies.


How much do Hanteo actually records from their album retail stores around South Korea and how do they do that?

Hanteo records a approximate 85% from their member retail shops in South Korea. The data are NOT compiled manually real time but is automatically updated and computed by the online server. There is always a margin of error between the real number of album copies sold and the numbers reflected by Hanteo. 


Where do the albums from fan-signs usually count towards to?

Since the albums bought for the fan-signs are bought from retailers like Synnara and Hottracks, they are reflected real-time on Hanteo. And hence,  fan-signs encourage the mass purchases of an album and hence, it helps to benefit an artist’s ‘Physical Sales Score’ on the weekly music shows massively.


Do let us know if you have any questions ^-^



  1. if I make an album purchase from Amazon or ebay, will it be reflected in hanteo or only show up in the Gaon numbers?

    the sellers do not state they’re members of hanteo, and i would like to know before i make a purchase.


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